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so i’ve been away for a pretty long time. i meant away from this blog, and of Singapore, to some extent.

i just got back from Hong Kong today where I spent some good quality time with my mom and sis over shopping and feasting. spent the prior two weeks with Andrew in Beijing. being able to go sightseeing or even rushing through the Chinese crowd – i really enjoyed our time together.

so it’s part 1 and 2 of grad trip is now completed, and i’m off to ho chi minh city and cambodia tmr with the girls. i really liked how my grad trip was categorized and planned, of course not consciously. some time with the bf, some time with my family and also some for the girls.

i’ve been more than thankful for all the travelling opportunities and also to see Andrew, TY God! 🙂


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colourful world

This is the outcome after 3 hours of listlessness. I wasted a lot of time in the last 1.5 hours because of a stupid method I tried which involved filling it in bit by bit. But I’m glad I’ve learnt how to do this, and I’ve picked up new photoshop skills today! I probably need to change the colour of his shirt, because it just looks weird against the colour of A’s skin. The colours should also be more distinct against each other, I am still using pretty safe colours for now.

Try this out! 🙂

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3rd May 2011

I woke up this morning thinking it was a beautiful dream 🙂

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today is 10


Hello Andrew.

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While Andrew and I were talking about our families’ history on Saturday, I told him that when I eventually meet his dad, I will sing Munnaeru Vaalibaa 😉 We will speak in a language none can understand.

Munnaeru vaalibaa munaeri endrum
Thoduvaan noakkuvaai
Kann theriyaatha Kaari rulil
Olirum vinmeenae
Thanimaiyaalae payantha naadugal
Irulil oli pera unnai naadum
Mael noakku vaaliba endrum munnaeri
Thoduvaan noakkuvaai thoduvaan noakkuvai

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Andrew in China

So Andrew has finally caught on to the blogging bug! He’s currently in China and will be there till July. So read about his wacky travels at http://www.boombahaha.wordpress.com. I’ll give him A+ for creativity… yeah right!

The picture below was something his friend did up for a takopachi party / sendoff!

Credit: Dan

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Sometimes,  I take a step back and am so thankful I have Andrew and my family in my life. We have our daily calls over Skype and today, as frustrated as it was to keep calling him after the connection cut-out, it was good to just talk to him and about our day 🙂

My sister is in Bangkok till tomorrow night and I feel so bored without her or Andrew. Hurry come back!

17 February 2011

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