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I finally caught The Lion King at Marina Bay Sands yesterday night!

I’ll start off by saying that I was really, extremely impressed by the entire production. I was seated at the back yet because of the magnitude of the costumes, I still managed to enjoy the entire performance despite not being able to see every detail of the costume or actors. The feeling I got was one like a little kid who was entering Disneyland for the first time. I’ve only caught a few international performances thus far, one being Mary Poppins on Broadway when I was in New York last year and this, I’d dare say, is the best! Now I know why The Lion King was sold out on Broadway when I was there, but my sis has bought tickets to the Broadway performance since she’s heading there soon. It was our first time at the MBS theatre and the top few tiers isn’t as steep as the Esplanade, even my grandmother commented that the sound system was good!

Despite that, my intention in this post was to pen down my initial reactions to the musical. Sure, I was blown away. But when the music started playing with grandeur with The Circle of Life, and the performers started moving out one by one with precision and accuracy, it brought tears to my eyes. I was happy yet I was sad. I knew my emotions stemmed from wanting to be like them, and to be a part of a theatrical performance, which I know has always been my dream. It’s not to say that I cannot but rather, I do not know how or what else I should do.

This morning, I referred back to the tweet which Kimiko Glenn replied to and I was encouraged. With everything, the best thing to do right now as aptly put in The Lion King is Hakuna Matata – no worries 😉

Oh yes, I got the musical soundtrack as a souvenir and I am lovinnnnnnnnnnn it!


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The Lee Family

The Lee Family

Picked up painting (kinda), and it’s addictive! I did most of this and touching up by my sis, but idea is always hers.

This one is in black and white, glad it turned out fine!

Go pick up a new hobby!!

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Credit: decoraddict.blogspot.com

I wanted to put this up yesterday, but it slipped my mind.

My sister came into my room while I was revising my work last night, and her computer played Christian/church songs – the more traditional sounding ones instead of Hillsong etc. It brought me back to the days when we used to live in Siglap. We stayed on the top floor so we always got the breeze. My brother, sister and I were still in primary/secondary school/JC and my mom and dad worked so the three of us always got to see each other during the afternoons.

We’ll keep the windows open, play the CD of Christian songs on the player and sing along/talk/hang around in my parents’ room while the breeze blew the curtains in. The breeze was strong and the curtains would get into our faces.

It was a distinct memory I had of the times we stayed in Siglap, and whenever someone in the family puts on songs like those on play, these are the images that I remember best 🙂

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I did a What’s In My Bag post in early January, read it here!

I had a pretty good Thursday, which also means HELLO WEEKEND… hello kids, then HELLO FYP AND MORE READINGS! So on my way home from class today, I dropped by the market to get handy dandy stuff for my drama box. Trust me, some of these items prove to be really useful. By the way, I don’t usually drop by the shops near the market simply because it’s a distance away, but I am really happy with what I’ve found. Although I added a few items along the way, I think it still benefited considering the jaw-dropping prices of these items at the department stores or atas stationery shops.

So… what’s in the bag?

From left to right, I got kuti-kuti, a tambourine with a funky picture, balloons, sticker books (you must know what is the current trend. Boys: Ben 10. Older boys: Beyblade. Girls: Hello Kitty, Disney Princess. Older girls: Don’t bother, they mature faster), and origami paper (where I proceeded to fold a pig!)

I got all of these under $10, and these items are so old-school. I remember buying origami paper at my primary school bookshop. I bet kids nowadays don’t grow up with these knick-knacks, just technology.


Oh and I must mention, I bought myself a milk tea from a nondescript looking shop. I was pretty hesitant about the pearls and the drink, but I was pleasantly surprised. The drink was actually pretty milky and pearls were soft and chewy. The girl behind the counter made the drink from scratch and had to use those cocktail shakers, that was like eons ago when bubble tea just entered the market. On the car ride home, Jessie J’s Price Tag played on the radio. Perfect way to end my afternoon! 😉

In preparation for Saturday’s classes (and I’m not going to let last week’s classes get me down. Try, try again), I searched for relevant books from the secret stash of books in my sister’s cupboards. I was so glad that my mom disregarded our advice and didn’t throw all these precious children books from our childhood away! It comes in handy just when I needed it!

Here’s some that I picked out, I realized I have 4 different Three Little Pigs books. Looks like I must have really loved those pigs.

Pop up books! My favourite! I also have Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, which of course, I will always remember, was wrecked by my kindergarten bus friend.

These were from one of those compilation of fairytale books. You know what they say about children’s stories not being as simple as we thought it was? It’s true! In the story of the Donkey Skin, the devious mother bought her step-daughter a donkey skin to wear so that she would look uglier than her own daughter. She said something to that extent! I was so shocked, better QC the stories first.

And look at the pictures, so old school, and cheeks are so rosy!

I’m gonna keep all the books from now onwards. Such a pity, I sold off the books I got in Austin to the 2nd hand stores there, but most books here in SG are so expensive, I shouldn’t have!

Read more, pray for those around you, and have a great weekend! 🙂



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My dear sister

When my sister is bored on her way to work, this is what she does…

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