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I was watching youtube videos of Jayesslee performing in Singapore, and one of it was featured them performing in one of the well-known Christian churches in Singapore. In it, they spoke of their experiences with God when they were at a campsite at the age of 15. God told the twins that he loved them and their family. To many, it may sound incredulous, because God is not physically tangible, but I believed in what they experienced.

When I was in Austin, I attended a weekend camp for Catholic students. It was a fun-loving group of people, but also with a balanced amount of sharing and quiet time. I knew deep down, I was eager for God to speak to me. I wanted to bridge the gap between us. I prayed and I actively sought but I couldn’t feel his presence. Soon, it was the last day of camp. The student leaders had prepared a skit, and we were to enter from one room to another with our eyes closed and standing in a straight line. The room was dark and you could hear people singing. Standing on the outside of the room, I felt insecure. I didn’t know what was to happen but at that point, I knew that I should close my eyes, let go and let God take charge. And I did. As we entered, we stood there and all the participants formed a circle to the ends of the room still with our eyes closed.. We continued to repeat the chant/song that the student leaders were singing, and as we did so, I truly felt that was how Heaven would be like. That was how the angels would sing. It would be as beautiful as that. I let my mind and worries free and I was surprised at what I had received. I once told my sister about this, and likewise, she believed me when I told her what I had felt.

I also distinctly remember that at one of the sharings that day, one of the student leaders spoke and with his message, he said to be patient with God and to walk along with him every step of the way. It resonated with what I was caught up with the entire week. At the end of the entire retreat, everyone sat in a room and people were encouraged to share their experiences up on stage. After a few people went up, I felt this strong urge to go up to speak. I remember Dulce encouraging me, and when I eventually did, I teared up as I spoke. I thanked Eugene who had done the sharing because I knew that God had finally spoken to me.

I just had to be patient with Him.

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The Lee Family

The Lee Family

Picked up painting (kinda), and it’s addictive! I did most of this and touching up by my sis, but idea is always hers.

This one is in black and white, glad it turned out fine!

Go pick up a new hobby!!

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This picture which was taken today while waiting for Koi marks the end of my undergraduate life! Perhaps to say, no more books, more fries? Haha no I kid. Seriously. As much as I love my fries, I do know how detrimental it is to my health because it’s oily, trans-fat, deep fried etc etc. Hey, it’s been a while since I had them!

So I got fries and Koi today to reward myself after such a heavy semester. Three modules (two being lit cores), one FYP, and classes to teach on Saturday. I can truly pat myself on my back and tell myself, “well done!” Lol, not being shy here. I think this semester has taken so much of determination and faith, and now that I have absolutely nothing to do for the next one and a half months before I really start racking my brains over finding a job, I wonder how I had managed to do all that. It seemed just a while back when I sent Andrew off to the airport in January, seeing him in February, people asking me when I graduate and I always told them “I still have my FYP to do, a few months more!” and now… I am done, with school. At least, for now. A Masters degree is not in the works yet, so yes.

It’s funny how we always hope for school and exams to end, and when it does, you actually miss it. I got a little emotional today, by emotional I don’t mean teary but my heart ached a little, when I had posted a Facebook status saying I was done with school and everyone gave their heartiest congratulations. I had conquered my first significant milestone of my life, and time had passed so fast. I felt I wasn’t ready to face the real world where I truly believe people are never as sincere as they are in school. I wanted to forever have the freedom which I now hold. But alas, I know that cannot be.

Whilst I am frequently urged by my sister to find a job, I eventually will. I just want to take my time to smell the flowers during these 1.5 months and then, its time to pull my socks. I will post a picture post the next time round of my undergraduate life – it has been nothing but spectacular, fruitful and a humbling experience. I’ve met friends to last me a lifetime, enjoyed the life as an undergraduate both in hall, on exchange, and in a local university. I’ve seen the nasty and the good, and I’ve laughed and smiled so much during these four years. It’s definitely a close fight between university and secondary school to the happiest times in my many years of education.

So, 19 years later (I’m counting nursery, that is, starting at the age of 4), I am done with school. I cheekily remarked to my Dad earlier, “I’ve fulfilled your wish”. It’s always been my Dad’s wish for all of us to finish university. So, I’m number two, and I’m done! (I’m assuming and crossing my fingers that my FYP and mods go well!!!)

In the meantime, I’ll be reading a lot, bumming (definitely), travelling a fair bit (I’ll be away almost during the entire month of June) and trying to make the most of my time. I’ll be trying vlogging, which I shall attempt during the trip with my lit friends) and hopefully a collab with Audrey and maybe Juls happens soon too.

Till the next post, ^^v!!

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Credit: decoraddict.blogspot.com

I wanted to put this up yesterday, but it slipped my mind.

My sister came into my room while I was revising my work last night, and her computer played Christian/church songs – the more traditional sounding ones instead of Hillsong etc. It brought me back to the days when we used to live in Siglap. We stayed on the top floor so we always got the breeze. My brother, sister and I were still in primary/secondary school/JC and my mom and dad worked so the three of us always got to see each other during the afternoons.

We’ll keep the windows open, play the CD of Christian songs on the player and sing along/talk/hang around in my parents’ room while the breeze blew the curtains in. The breeze was strong and the curtains would get into our faces.

It was a distinct memory I had of the times we stayed in Siglap, and whenever someone in the family puts on songs like those on play, these are the images that I remember best 🙂

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3rd May 2011

I woke up this morning thinking it was a beautiful dream 🙂

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Happy Post

Look what came in the mail today!

The “Wicked” book which I ordered off BookDepository!! I highly recommend that website – shipping is free, I’ve ordered 6-7 books thus far and never had any problems with the mail.

I was really excited to receive this, especially because I really liked the musical which I caught in San Fran. Look below, this is from my personal album. I can’t seem to find the picture of me and the poster in my Facebook album. I must have looked awful so I didn’t upload it. Haha!


I’m hoping the book doesn’t disappoint. The best thing, the book is


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I am not a hard core television junkie, although I may appear to be. Hm, let me correct that, I am not a watch-tv-series-online kind of person. I’ve always said that I have no patience to wait for the entire video to buffer and because my internet connection does not work at super sonic lightning speed, I just don’t.

This post may seem really lame but whatever. The following is my TV schedule this week. It gives me something to look forward to at the end of every what I hope to be a productive day.

Monday – Amazing Race

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Tayong Dalawa

Friday – Survivor

I caught Survivor last week while resting and OMG I am hooked. The last time I actually followed the Survivor series was when Yul won. I made sure I watched it cos of Asian pride \m/

I used to watch American Idol, but it has become pretty bland for me. I am not too interested in the rest of the contestants, but I still LOL at the results show where it seems they try so hard to be creative. The one where Stonecold came out of nowhere was epic! Was it Stonecold anyway?

Meanwhile, I shall trudge on, and also try to catch bits of CSI and not overindulge.

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