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This is the outcome after 3 hours of listlessness. I wasted a lot of time in the last 1.5 hours because of a stupid method I tried which involved filling it in bit by bit. But I’m glad I’ve learnt how to do this, and I’ve picked up new photoshop skills today! I probably need to change the colour of his shirt, because it just looks weird against the colour of A’s skin. The colours should also be more distinct against each other, I am still using pretty safe colours for now.

Try this out! πŸ™‚


credit: forgodandtruth.com

It’s 2am now. I spent the past 3 hours planning for my lessons till their exams in September, formulated questions in full document format, and simply hoped. After my setback two weeks ago, it’s time for battle tomorrow. I’ve dreamt about it, which goes to show how stressed I am about everything. I’ve prayed to God countless times, and I can only hope Β for the best. I’ll take whatever the kids choose to do in the end. If anything at all, I told myself that I need to work harder.

Also, my initial post was actually about the importance of prayer in a relationship. For all kinds of reasons one may come up with, I personally find that prayer is important especially when you hope that God takes your relationship in the right path and in the best way possible. Every Sunday in church, I pray to God for guidance with regards to Andrew and I. Because of the utmost uncertainty there is in ours, I can only put in my best and pray. Also, I find myself telling Andrew more frequently to “pray for me”!! These was especially so during my setback at drama, FYP deadline and my final exams. It comforts me when I know that someone is praying for me, but whether he/she does in the end, that’s another story, lol! I’ll give the benefit of the doubt. Tonight, before I ended our call, I told Andrew once again to pray for me – because of tomorrow. It occurred to me and gladdens my heart that I have been inching bits and pieces of religion into him – going to church more frequently when he accompanies my family, praying for me, and just basically learning to trust in God and have faith. My family and I don’t pray together, by that, I mean out loud and for a specific cause or purpose. We never had that habit. But, I hope one day, Andrew and I can comfortably pray together, be it for a friend, or to just give thanks : )

Meanwhile, I’m happy with whatever I can get : )


This picture which was taken today while waiting for Koi marks the end of my undergraduate life! Perhaps to say, no more books, more fries? Haha no I kid. Seriously. As much as I love my fries, I do know how detrimental it is to my health because it’s oily, trans-fat, deep fried etc etc. Hey, it’s been a while since I had them!

So I got fries and Koi today to reward myself after such a heavy semester. Three modules (two being lit cores), one FYP, and classes to teach on Saturday. I can truly pat myself on my back and tell myself, “well done!” Lol, not being shy here. I think this semester has taken so much of determination and faith, and now that I have absolutely nothing to do for the next one and a half months before I really start racking my brains over finding a job, I wonder how I had managed to do all that. It seemed just a while back when I sent Andrew off to the airport in January, seeing him in February, people asking me when I graduate and I always told them “I still have my FYP to do, a few months more!” and now… I am done, with school. At least, for now. A Masters degree is not in the works yet, so yes.

It’s funny how we always hope for school and exams to end, and when it does, you actually miss it. I got a little emotional today, by emotional I don’t mean teary but my heart ached a little, when I had posted a Facebook status saying I was done with school and everyone gave their heartiest congratulations. I had conquered my first significant milestone of my life, and time had passed so fast. I felt I wasn’t ready to face the real world where I truly believe people are never as sincere as they are in school. I wanted to forever have the freedom which I now hold. But alas, I know that cannot be.

Whilst I am frequently urged by my sister to find a job, I eventually will. I just want to take my time to smell the flowers during these 1.5 months and then, its time to pull my socks. I will post a picture post the next time round of my undergraduate life – it has been nothing but spectacular, fruitful and a humbling experience. I’ve met friends to last me a lifetime, enjoyed the life as an undergraduate both in hall, on exchange, and in a local university. I’ve seen the nasty and the good, and I’ve laughed and smiled so much during these four years. It’s definitely a close fight between university and secondary school to the happiest times in my many years of education.

So, 19 years later (I’m counting nursery, that is, starting at the age of 4), I am done with school. I cheekily remarked to my Dad earlier, “I’ve fulfilled your wish”. It’s always been my Dad’s wish for all of us to finish university. So, I’m number two, and I’m done! (I’m assuming and crossing my fingers that my FYP and mods go well!!!)

In the meantime, I’ll be reading a lot, bumming (definitely), travelling a fair bit (I’ll be away almost during the entire month of June) and trying to make the most of my time. I’ll be trying vlogging, which I shall attempt during the trip with my lit friends) and hopefully a collab with Audrey and maybe Juls happens soon too.

Till the next post, ^^v!!

The Siglap Days

Credit: decoraddict.blogspot.com

I wanted to put this up yesterday, but it slipped my mind.

My sister came into my room while I was revising my work last night, and her computer played Christian/church songs – the more traditional sounding ones instead of Hillsong etc. It brought me back to the days when we used to live in Siglap. We stayed on the top floor so we always got the breeze. My brother, sister and I were still in primary/secondary school/JC and my mom and dad worked so the three of us always got to see each other during the afternoons.

We’ll keep the windows open, play the CD of Christian songs on the player and sing along/talk/hang around in my parents’ room while the breeze blew the curtains in. The breeze was strong and the curtains would get into our faces.

It was a distinct memory I had of the times we stayed in Siglap, and whenever someone in the family puts on songs like those on play, these are the images that I remember best πŸ™‚

Once in 5 Years

Today, we went to the polls.

This happens once in 5 years, but it was such a quick process, I think my Dad spent less than 5 secs at the booth. Likewise, I got to vote – the first time ever in my life. I may be one of the 2 million people who would vote, but in times like these, I think many people like me feel that we, Singaporeans matter and are valued.

It has been an exciting week. One that was filled with rallies, reflections and much rahrah. I was at the Workers’ Party rally last weekend, and wow, it felt like National Day all over again. Everyone gave each other the look on the bus – that look that said, I know you’re heading to the opposition rally. I can’t say the same about the rallies of the incumbent government – because I did not attend one. But it was thrilling. It felt liberating – that people could voice their opinions in the open and not be overly worried of the consequences. It was empowering to see my peers and I take an active stand in politics.

With the growing resentment against policies and current situation in Singapore, I am hopeful for the election results that will be announced later tonight. Voting is like taking a gamble – Singapore has grown so successful that I reckon many are unwilling to forsake the stability that we have simply because the opposition has not had a chance to stand.

At the end of it all, God will know what is best for the future for Singapore πŸ™‚

P.S the world incumbent has been quite overused during this period, that I thought I use it once as well πŸ˜‰

3rd May 2011

I woke up this morning thinking it was a beautiful dream πŸ™‚

Bless Paulina

It has been difficult to concentrate on getting my work done today.

I spent one hour tossing and turning in bed last night trying to get to sleep. Panic seeped in because of my uncompleted essay that is due in a few days and of the kids’ performance in two weeks.

Today, I received news that a friend from junior college had passed on this morning.

It is tough news to bear, and although we haven’t kept in contact since JC except by being ‘friends’ on Facebook, it still saddened me. All of us are about to graduate, ready to start living life, and instead she was called home to the Lord. In times of difficulty, we know that God has a plan for all of us.

About a week back, a friend’s friend had also passed on. Coincidentally, she was one of my ‘friends’ on Livejournal.

Please pray for those who have passed on before us, and remember that life is short. So let’s start living and showing your love and care for those around you.